The country chic wedding is the ideal solution for those who prefer to celebrate in a more relaxed and less plastered way. For those who shy away from pomp and ostentation. It seems like a trend, but we can’t talk about fashion. Rather, it seems to us a direct consequence of getting married “in adulthood”, with greater autonomy of choice and feeling free to choose the style that suits us best.
The effect is that of greater informality, of a much easier party, which of course should not be confused with the picnic. Indeed, because of its apparent simplicity, country-chic marriage requires extreme attention to detail.
The secret lies in the ability to create an atmosphere that is “light” and chic at the same time, simple but suggestive, and very very romantic.
Villa Sant’Elia is the natural choice. A room that does not respect the canons of the classic reception rooms, but is closer to charming residences. A place out of this world and an oasis of tranquility where you can breathe sobriety as a stylistic code of elegance.
Villa Sant’Elia, an ancient eighteenth century farmhouse, surrounded by an expanse of olive trees, is the ideal choice for a summer party with a romantic bucolic flavor.

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